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We are often contracted to undertake lecturing and presenting, both within the UK and in the wider community.

We also undertake training throughout the World in Fingerprints, CSI and general Forensic specialisms, from an initial basic fingerprint/CSI course through to the end result of standing in a witness box and giving expert evidence.

We do this through ourselves and also with the aid of other Expert associates. We work both ‘branded’ and ‘unbranded’. By this we mean that not only do we provide training under our Company name of Fingerprint Associates Limited we are also quite prepared to work with others as part of a larger training package and to work ‘unbranded’ using the ‘branding’ of the other Company / Consortia.

For this ‘unbranded’ option, we work under the auspices of www.fingerprint.training, www.forensic.training or www.csi.training thereby allowing us to adopt a ‘corporate’ image for whoever we are working for.

As no two organisations are the same, no two training requirements are the same. Please speak to us about your own specific needs.

To view an example of our Training Course brochure, please click here

We have undertaken Training or presented at Conferences around the World as can be seen below.