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A simple search on any Internet search engine will show you that errors still occur when it comes to fingerprint identification, even though all the policies and procedures are in place to stop them happening.

Currently it requires three fingerprint officers (two of which must be of Expert status) to check and confirm an identification, but there are currently several UK Police Forces trialling a system where only two officers check the identified mark before the Police are informed of the identification.

Our Experts from Fingerprint Associates Limited, will perform an independent comparison of the disputed case and offer their own analysis on the identification and always prepare a report of our findings.

In all circumstances we are prepared to attend Court to offer our evidence and also to advise Counsel on related fingerprint matters.

Mistakes DO happen…

The mark on the left WAS NOT made by the print on the right, and if it had gone unchecked by us the defendant would have received 18 months imprisonment