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Fingerprint Chemical Development

Using a variety of specialised chemical and light sources, finger marks can be developed on many surfaces, both porous and non-porous.

All processes are undertaken in line with the Home Office Scientific Development Branch guidelines, now known as Centre for Applied Science and Technology (C.A.S.T.)

All developed finger marks are photographed, again in line with the published guidelines. This capability now gives us the opportunity to offer a complete “cradle to grave” service.

However there are limitations as to what this can do…. And this is the important bit…

It is a common misconception that everyone can leave a fingermark and that every surface is a good receptor and you are guaranteed a result every time.. You are not, this is real life, not a television program.

When it works, this chemical development works wonderfully, however even in modern Police Laboratories the success rate for developing an area of friction ridge detail is probably around 40%, so in 60% of cases nothing develops.

Feel your fingers right now, are they sweaty?, probably not, so if you touched a bit of paper would you leave a fingermark?, probably not.

Please call us to discuss this, we will not waste your money, and that is a promise.

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