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Based in the UK, but with proven international experience, our Consultants have over 98 years combined Fingerprint Expertise within the Company.

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Independent Fingerprint  Experts

One of the great strengths of the UK's Criminal Justice System is the ability of the Defence to view and question the evidence of the Prosecution, and if your case is based around the identification of an individual through a fingerprint, how can you be assured that the evidence offered is fair, unbiased and above all else, accurate. 


Based in the United Kingdom, but with proven International experience (reports produced in recent years have led to Court appearances in Hong Kong and Nigeria), we have over 98 years combined fingerprint expertise within Fingerprint Associates.


From a simple comparison of two fingerprints to a full evidential package, Fingerprint Associates offers a confidential service adaptable to the specific needs of the customer.

But this is only one of the things we can assist you with...


“You have been extremely helpful and I will certainly retain your details for future work”

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